Learn to calm the chaos in todays rapidly changing world
Why should you join this amazing program?
Get your power back and end the struggle with Stress & Emotional Eating once and for all 
In this nurturing and empowering 7 day workshop, Astrid & Lou educate participants in how to regain control over their eating habits and move forward towards greater peace of mind and a deeper understanding of themselves and others during times of stress & anxiety

How would it feel to…

Be more relaxed and empowered in your day
Be in charge of your decisions knowing your emotions don't have the power over you
Having reclaimed your power over food
Have the tools to find calm and release the need for eating during stress in your life

Are you…

  • Stuck in a cycle of anger & fear around weight gain?
  • Feeling completely out of control around food
  • Are you wanting to feel confident & in control with your weight & eating? 
  • Struggling with focus and clarity as your head is filled with 'food rule' thoughts
  • Scared of gaining weight while in lockdown

You’re not alone

We totally understand how you feel.

Feeling anxious in certain situations can help us avoid danger, it's how we’ve evolved to keep ourselves safe. Even if you are not typically an anxious person, it's common to feel some anxiety & stress during periods of change or uncertainty and yes when we are faced with these emotions and stress we often tend to go for our friend in disguise.......FOOD

We have rolled out this 7-day program, perfect for times like these when you are at home, isolating (and probably eating more than ever) and really know you have to get your eating under control.

If you’re exhausted from your never-ending to-do list, nagging self-criticism, and using caffeine, sugar and alcohol to cope with your current situation in life; it’s time to make a change. We have worked with hard working, ambitious women who find that their negative body-image & depleted energy is stopping them from enjoying the success they’ve worked so hard to achieve in other areas of their life.

This program is based on the exact same principles that we teach in our signature 10 WEEK TRANSFORMATION PROGRAM but we’ve broken it down to the most powerful lessons in bite sized pieces and created a 7-day process to help you during this time.

We have created this program to cover exactly what people need most at this time.
 Click here and start straight away! 

Join this 7 day Stress Eating Workshop to master your mindset & reclaim your power over food for life

This is a complete program that will radically transform you from the inside out 
  • Never have to worry again about food having control over you 
  • Walk confidently into life every day without the fear of eating through your Emotions & Stress 
  • Stop waiting for tomorrow & start your journey today

Here's how it works...
Every day you will be drip fed the content on your personal 'portal' 
Everything is download-able so you can keep this for years to come.
You will have a full 12 months access to the portal.
Try it risk-free. You’ve got nothing to lose.
Let’s break it all down.
Here's what you're really getting...
  • Daily lessons teaching you how-to rewire your brain to stop emotional eating
  • ​7 days of incredible content 
  • PDF downloads to keep forever 
  • Daily downloadable Powerful Hypnosis Audios for massive transformation
  • Guided Meditations, videos & helpful links
  • ​7 days of daily micro assignments so even the busiest person can follow through
  • ​Tools & Strategies to take away and implement for life
That's well over $750 value! 

ALL for ONLY $59!!

You'd actually be crazy not to ;)


So, what happens after 7 days?
You can then breathe! You will be more relaxed and empowered in your day
 Be in charge of your decisions knowing your emotions don't have the power over you
You will be confident with increased self worth &
 wake up feeling & knowing you are good enough with a 100% positive outlook for life
 Have the ability to maintain your daily routines sustainably without the guilt, failure & fear of tomorrow.
What’s next?
We have other great programs available, if you loved this, then check out what else we have on offer! 

Your Coaches : Astrid Nader-Louw & Lou Patchitt 

With over 10 combined years coaching thousands of women to transformational results in their mind, body and life, we have figured out the best way to support you to create a change that lasts. 

We know that you’re probably skeptical and a bit jaded from all the things that you’ve tried, so even though we know that it takes time to create a complete and lasting transformation – we have all the steps along sorted for you along the way – we hold your hand & help you step by step of the way.

We run our business to change as many lives as we can, helping people who are stuck in a cycle of stress & anxiety, fear of weight gain & strict food rules, and are confused and unsure how to take the next step due to the host of misinformation, fads, trends, and contradicting advice readily available today, improving your health & emotional health can be a very confusing and overwhelming process. 
We love helping people make the change and guide them on every step to get to 100% success

We have been coaching, mentoring & educating online with people across Australia, New Zealand and the Uk for the past 3 years. We would love for you to join us and become another one of our many amazing success stories x 
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